Billet Throttle Bodies

Our Billet Throttle Bodies

We started with a clean sheet of paper and set out to design a family of Weber-based throttle bodies unlike anything else on the market.  The end result is what you see here.  Available in DCOE, IDA, and IDF styles, these throttle bodies boast several unique features that make them the most versatile throttle bodies anywhere.  That versatility combined with great looks and performance makes these Billet Throttle Bodies THE BEST.  Some of the unique features are:

  • Billet Construction - All parts are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet
  • Modular Design - Allows many different configurations from few parts.
  • Injector Placement Options - Each throat is individually attached to the base using countersunk, stainless steel, socket head screws.  This means that the fuel injectors can easily be placed on either side of the throttle body simply by rotating the throats 180 degrees.
  • Excellent Fuel Distribution - Fuel injector pockets are strategically placed so that the fuel spray is aimed directly at the bottom center of each throat.
  • Interchangeable Tops - Throttle body tops are removable allowing for several different configurations such as spun aluminum air horns (shown above), billet air horns, or flanges that provide attachment of stock Weber breathers.
  • Stainless Steel Debris Screens - Both the spun and billet air horns have provisions for domed, stainless steel screens to protect the engine from debris.
  • Sealed Ball Bearing Throttle Shaft Supports - The .3125" diameter throttle shafts are fully supported by sealed ball bearings providing for extremely smooth and precise throttle motion.
  • Linkage Options - Precision machined bearing retainers provide attachment points for other modular components such as throttle return springs, throttle stops, or TPS mounts.
  • Finish Options - All components are available in raw machined finish, matte finish, or show polished.  Other custom options are available upon special request.