Custom EFI Systems

We specialize in creating custom EFI systems.  Below are a few examples of what we can do.  If you see something you like or you have an idea for something special of your very own, let us know.  We can make it happen for you!



Here's a one-off system for a V12 Jaguar.  This system features our Billet Throttle Bodies mounted to custom multi-piece adapters bolted directly to each head. The fasteners and vacuum plenum are hidden within the adapters.  A custom valley cover locates the centrally placed fuel rail, which feeds each injector via polished, cupro-nickel fuel lines.  In keeping with the industrial theme of this car's build, the throttle bodies and adapters are matte finish (optional on our Billet Throttle Bodies).  Only the air horns were polished.  This build also features a custom reverse flow cooling system and distributor-less ignition.  Removal of the factory fuel injection system, most of the cooling system, and distributor really cleans up the appearance of this engine.  Without all the unnecessary clutter, it now looks like a proper V12 Jag.



DCOE style Billet Throttle Bodies on a small block Chevy crossram manifold.  This system was put together for a 1958 Corvette built by Legacy Innovations of York, PA.  This car has been the recipient of multiple awards, and for good reason.  The most unique aspect of the EFI system is the mounting of the fuel injectors.  On a Chevy crossram, the injectors normally have to be on the top side of the throttle bodies because there's not enough space between the throttle bodies and valve covers for them to be placed on the bottom side.  Legacy wanted the system to be as clean a possible, so to hide the injectors, they were mounted in the runners of the manifold using our screw in adapters.  Special throttle bodies were made with no injector bosses for a super clean look.  This makes the injectors virtually invisible on the car.


 SBC crossram injection
 SBC cross ram


Another small block Chevy crossram injection.  This unit started with the same DCOE style manifold but we extensively reworked the flanges so they now accept individual, Jenvey two bolt SF throttle bodies.  Notice how the flanges now all point the same direction on each side of the manifold.  This took lots of cutting, welding, and finishing, but we think the results were worth it.  This unit also features screw in injector bungs in each manifold runner to mount the injectors down low.  Individual hard lines feed fuel to each injector from a hidden distribution block.  Jenvey's spindle extender and operating wheel linkage were also used to actuate the throttles.  This system is extremely smooth, infinitely adjustable, and clears a crab cap style distributor.


Top for a 6-71 blower with DCOE style Billet Throttle Bodies.  This system was designed from scratch to fit within the customer's engine compartment.



Custom stack injection system for early Dodge Hemi.  This system features Billet Throttle Bodies spaced directly over each port.  The throttle bodies are mounted via multi-piece head adapters with hidden fasteners and integrated vacuum plenum.  The injectors are placed down low for a "clean" look.



Billet DCOEs on an Inglese 4 barrell adapter.  These throttle bodies were fitted with tops that allow the attachment of factory Weber breathers.



Small Block Ford with our Billet Throttle Body Kit
Early Hemis with Billet Throttle Bodies
VW fitted with IDF style Billet Throttle Bodies
DCOE style Billet Throttle Bodies for a Honda Civic race car
The original set of prototype Billet Throttle Bodies fitted to Fran's V12 Lamborghini engine in his T-Bucket hot rod.


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